Our Philosophy

No matter the scale of a project - from large regional master plans to neighborhood main streets to community parks - the benchmark of a successful design is how well a project connects to its users.  We create public spaces that are innovative and resonate with the people that call a place home.

Our practice is a methodical fusion of strategic planning, creative design application, technical expertise and social and environmental consciousness.  We recognize that everything we help a community achieve has an environmental impact, and we have a responsibility to help communities make informed decisions based on those greater impacts.  Collectively, we believe in:   

  • Initiating community plans and smart growth strategies that create functional and livable communities.
  • Encouraging unique places that increase the quality of life while supporting walkable and sustainable communities.
  • Planning functional multi-modal transportation networks that are integrated into neighborhoods and the community.
  • Developing plans, policies and projects that engage the community in the planning and decision-making process.
  • Designing contextually solid, creative and sustainable solutions that supplement a community’s identity and sense of place.
  • Integrating effective solutions that preserve the integrity of a community and its future.

It is our strong commitment to client service, creative thinking, strategic solutions and design excellence that drives our work. Fundamentally, we understand and believe that every project we are involved with – whether at a planning or design level – impacts the quality of life in a community.  Through sound policy development, strategic planning, visioning, and a strong consensus building process, planning and design becomes the tools through which communities take control of their future.